5 Diabetic Diets Plan for Weight Loss – Part 3

5 Diabetic Diets Plan for Weight Loss – Part 3
5. Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean diet is a lifestyle approach to healthy eating based on the food traditions of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It’s largely a plant-based diet but encourages omega-3-rich fish and allows limited amounts of animal-based foods. The diet emphasizes using simple, minimally processed foods to make nutritious meals. The message at the heart of this diet is that meals are best when shared with others and savored. Daily exercise is encouraged.

Diabetes focus:
In a review of 17 studies, Mediterranean-style diets were found to significantly improve fasting blood sugar and A1C levels in people with type 2 diabetes. Although many books on the Mediterranean diet are available, The Oldways 4-Week Mediterranean Diet Menu Plan is a quick read and outlines four weeks of Mediterranean diet meal plans with simple, flavorful recipes. The recipes nutritional values are listed in the back of the book, which you can use for calorie and carb counts.

What you eat:
Daily staples include in-season fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, minimally processed whole grains, olive oil, and herbs and spices, plus fatty fish at least twice a week, such as salmon, herring, or sardines. Low-fat cheese and yogurt, poultry, and eggs can be eaten in small amounts. Lean red meats and sweets are limited to a few times a month. Dessert is typically fresh fruit.

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