5 Preventing and Reversing Diabetes with the Paleo Diet – Part 1

5 Preventing and Reversing Diabetes with the Paleo Diet – Part 1
1. Most people lose weight on the Paleo diet
One of the biggest benefits of following the Paleo diet is the effortless sustainable weight loss without going hungry. Any weight loss, even a 5% weight loss can be beneficial when you are diabetic or insulin resistant. Not only will you feel better, but behind the scenes your body will thank you. Even a small amount of weight loss begins to decrease insulin resistance and heal the body. If you are already diabetic, weight loss improves blood sugar level readings and decreases your risk of other risk factors associated with diabetes such as high blood pressure or cardiac disease.

Aside from a massive change in diet, the Paleo lifestyle is meant to be an all encompassing change into a healthier and more active lifestyle. Concentrate on changing one habit at a time to improve your health and delay, if not prevent the onset of diabetes, for you and your family.

2. The Paleo diet is lower in simple carbohydrates
The only carbohydrates appropriate on the Paleo diet are those which were available to us in the Paleolithic era. This certainly means no highly processed breads, chocolates, grains or foods high in sugar.

The habit of snacking on a quick piece of toast or a grabbing a muffin or cookies no longer stands and all in all, following a Paleo diet leads to a lower intake of carbohydrates and cutting out sugar in its most refined form. People start to reach for fruits which are lower in sugar and higher in nutrients, such as berries. They are also prompted to read labels and make better educated choices.

Almost all foods available to us contain a certain amount of carbohydrate. Even avocados and nuts contain carbohydrates. For this reason it is a myth that the Paleo diet is a no carb or even carb free diet.
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