5 Preventing and Reversing Diabetes with the Paleo Diet – Part 2

5 Preventing and Reversing Diabetes with the Paleo Diet – Part 2
3. The Paleo diet is higher in nutrients
Unfortunately for many people out there they simply don’t know how good they could possibly feel. As much as most Americans are far from starving, there is a different kind of hunger lurking, a hidden micronutrient hunger.

When your diet is mainly full of processed convenience food you body struggles to receive adequate levels of vitamins and minerals. This hidden, less obvious hunger leads to cravings for junk food as the body is continually starving.

When you start concentrating on choosing fresh, quality ingredients instead of eating processed junk food on the run, your body starts to change. Not only are you healing your body through increasing your intake of necessary nutrients, but you are also preventing future lifestyle diseases.

4. The Paleo diet is higher in fiber
When a new Paleo follower has a look at their plate it seems almost empty without the pasta or mashed potato which would have been there. In order to feel fuller and more satisfied, the Paleo diet encourages non-starchy vegetables, salads and leafy greens to fill the space.

The end result is a lot more fiber. Increased fiber with each meal means slower digestion of the meal and therefore a slow release of glucose into the blood stream. In response the body produces less insulin and over time insulin resistance decreases.

5. The Paleo diet is higher in good healthy fats
One of the main principles of the Paleo way is a much higher intake of healthy dietary fats than a conventional diet. Eating beautiful healthy fats such as nut butter or avocados and upping your intake of anti-inflammatory oils such as olive oil or coconut oil leads to a feeling of satiety.

The beauty of increasing your calories from fat and decreasing your calories from simple carbohydrates is that your body does not produce insulin in response to fat. Instead the body is left to utilise excess glucose in the blood stream instead of raising the blood sugar levels further.
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