Tomato and Black Bean Salad

Tomato and Black Bean SaladHere is a very tasty and satisfying luncheon salad adapted from “Choice Menus” (HarperCollins Canada) by Marjorie Hollands and Margaret Howard in cooperation with the Canadian Diabetes Association. It makes enough to serve four or divides easily when serving two. 4 cups (1 L) mixed salad greens 1 can (19 oz/540 […]

Pakistani Potatoes and Cauliflower (Aloo Gobi)

Pakistani Potatoes and Cauliflower (Aloo Gobi)Aloo Gobi is popular all over South Asia and around the world—it was even featured in a Hollywood movie! This Pakistani-style version, adapted from “150 Best Indian, Asian, Caribbean and More Diabetes Recipes” by Sobia Khan (Robert Rose), is easy to make. Cutting back on the amount of potato usually […]

Stir-Fried Eggplant with Miso

Stir-Fried Eggplant with MisoMiso is a fermented soybean product that has become very popular with the increased interest in Japanese food. The light-colour or yellow version is the mildest and most popular. Experiment with different vegetables and different kinds of miso. Serve this dish, adapted from Bonnie Stern’s “HeartSmart Cooking for Family and Friends” (Random […]