Original Guru : Pre-contest carbohydrates, insulin, and vegetables.

Original Guru bodybuilding diet episode two : Pre-contest carbohydrates, insulin, and vegetables.

discussion of timing of water intake in relation to food, reasoning behind eating vegetables close to contest.

Ameen Alai has resurfaced from the Bodybuilding Underground. He has worked in the background since the 1990s pioneering the science of underground bodybuilding. While the rest of us were reading false info in magazines and online based on outdated facts, Ameen has been running experiments on himself and others (much like and in the spirit of Enhanced Athlete). Experts in the industry know of him because his secret writings which he had given to his athletes over time are often the source of many of the new ideas in bodybuilding. However these writings are often misinterpreted, and Ameen Alai (having been inspired by the open honesty and pioneering human science by Enhanced Athlete), for the first time in his entire career has agreed to come completely public and reveal the true secrets.
We start with a series on diet.
If you ask Ameen a question about diet it takes him an hour to fully explain his theories and for us to ask enough questions to get a full understanding.
So many of these vides will be our candid behind the scenes conversations unedited. Your feedback is appreciated as to whether you like short videos on narrow topics or for us to just keep the camera rolling as we have our conversation.

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